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The "C" Diaries
Film | T.V. Show | Game | Stage Performance

Producers  Anthony W Johnson, Franco Sama
Writer Anthony W Johnson



Wisdom and deception all have a hand in keeping the truth from being told as Humanity, and Mankind become tossed around, never knowing who is lying and who is telling the truth, what is real and what is supernatural. The only hope is a dying Angel who comes out of hiding.


"C" is an hour-long primetime Syfy Action – Adventure about several journals mysteriously placed in the hands of a religious scholar named Cornelius Craft. This event sets off a storm of mazes involving several divergent figures on a quest to uncover Mankind (those made from many) and Humanity (those made from one Source), as buried into Mankind's DNA is a mission created to wipe out Humanity. In the inner linings of Humanity's DNA lies a code that causes it to search for the One Source who created them. Unfortunately, the Earth and all its inhabitants are lost in its demise, trapped by time and fate. These Enlightened decide to follow the journals, no matter the cost, delving deeply into the darkest of our past. By season's end, it takes every religious text from all religions, including folklore and legend, merging with science, mathematics, and psychic phenomenon to uncover the truth. This matrix forms a nucleus, a puzzle that unlocks a force we all have been afraid to remember—our Creator.


"C" TV Series by Anthony W. Johnson

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