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Producers Franco Sama and Anthony W Johnson 
Story by Anthony W Johnson
Written by Anthony Johnson

"A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal its blossom.”



The Ring of the Rose first premiered at the Alex Theater in Glendale California, to a sold-out crowd on March 6, 2004. It has garnered several wards for Costume, Choreography and Set Design. It performed for 12 Years every Chinese New Year’s. We plan to return with a new dynamic Performance in 2024!

The Ring of the Rose is a passionate Asian/Oriental story of love versus obsession, beauty versus commitment, and joy versus sacrifice, an Asian Romeo and Juliet. In this parable of love lost, then found, lies a story within a story, whereby, on February 14 BC, two Brothers battle against an outsider who falls in love with their sister. At the height of this magical tale, a spirit tells the story of the "Rose to the lovers." In television shows such as "The Bachelorette" and "The Bachelor," two couples fight with all their might to win the love and desire of the "Rose." As each pair vies for Rose's attention, they eventually resort to manipulation, deception, and jealous rage toward one another. Yet, in their quest and behind the masks, their true hearts reveal their true natures. In the end, however, their selfish efforts prove futile as the "Rose" ultimately decides to keep those who have respect, loyalty, and commitment to him, the very thorns, by his side. The thorns have loved and protected his beauty from sheer horror. They encircled him with a ring of solidarity and taught him the true meaning of love is inside respect, sacrifice, and devotion.

We see that the older brother believes in the ultimate love and tries to stop his younger brother's madness. But, unfortunately, the younger brother kills him. But in the netherworld realm, "Rose" sacrifices her life by dressing up as her male lover, a Foreigner. And the Younger Brother, in his racist anger, kills his sister accidentally. The Foreigner, out of rage, charges the younger brother but reverses his knife upon himself, committing suicide. In this life, the Rose is a symbol and simply a reminder that we love and are loved every year on February 14. Nevertheless, for these "Thorns," their conviction will forever lie within... The "Ring of the Rose."


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