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Producers Franco Sama and Anthony W Johnson 
Story by Anthony W Johnson
Written by Anthony Johnson

"Feel the pleasure of each bite." 



LES VAMPIRES— Written by Anthony W. Johnson. Les Vampires–First performed in 2002 in Hollywood. Les Vampires sold out many nightclub performances in Hollywood and Chicago. The story returns in both live and screenplay formats. Les Vampires' intrigue begins by disclosing that this vivid story originated in an old diary from the 1500s. The ancient book tells the tragic love triangle between Rykel Renfield, Daciana Stubbe, and the mysterious Vampire Luciano Lok. Unfortunately, Renfield's friends, Van Helsing & Peter Stubbe, turn on him. Worse, he squanders his salvation, dignity, and love, which causes a ricocheting spiral of events. By the light of the silver moon, Peter becomes a werewolf, Van Helsing becomes a raging foe, and Renfield goes insane.


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