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We make every production an experience. We design every show to cater to your specific needs and desires with a unique approach that not only entertains your guests but leaves them with a sense that your product is the best. We look forward to hearing from you!



Anthony W. Johnson's Ballet Magique® Productions .

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Ballet Magique Productions has produced major shows for,  parties, conferences, club promotions, launches, festivals and awards  shows. Including The World Choreography Awards, World Dance Awards, Festival de Danza Panama, Choreographer's Carnival, Chinese New Year, Orange County Chinese Association and more. If interested in any of our productions, please email us for press kit and quotes.

(Most Popular)

12 Years A Slave (The Dance)

“Brought tears to my eyes....  Such a powerful piece... Gave me a shot in the arm of that raw, authentic inspiration & passion for "the dream".

Michael Baez Producer


Life can rob us, but perseverance can bring us to the Holy Land.


Johnson takes the audience on a serious journey through life of Solomon Northup, his capture and struggle to accept his new life and the people who came to hurt and aid him on his dynamic odyssey. This incredible drama is told through music and dance. By doing so, it captures the soul of the people and the passion that has long journeyed its way to freedom. This is story of a survivor. His name is Solomon Northup.


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“Very powerful piece which does exactly what art should do. Bring out emotions and inspire...”

Vaclav Havlic Master Magician

“Absolutely phenomenal!!! “

Patrick Stinson Reelz TV

“It was wonderful. Great job!”

Judith FLEX Helle Director Luminario Ballet

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