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Rainbow and the Mysterious Color Books Bookstore 


Ballet Magique® plans to take the world of animation by storm. We have partnered with VFX companies and producers to begin opportunities for our performers in motion capture and animation techniques that revolve around dance, magic, and music theater. Ballet Magique has created characters and creatures that will work with, at first, some of the best companies familiar with CG entities. Whether conceptualizing and fashioning personalities from scratch or adapting much-loved icons for a new 3D setting, our team of artists pushes the boundaries of what is possible within the Animation world. 


It is a story of a young girl named Rainbow that loves reading more than anything. Until one day, she discovers that some books are banned. So every day, she asks the owner, Mr. Sam of the Color Books Bookstore, to read "the book with the black cover." Unfortunately, it is locked in a glass case. Only the Mayor, Trustee, and Sheriff have a key.

Furthermore, The Color Books Bookstore hosts a library where anyone can find books from all over the planet. This mysterious place has all books covered with color, as one can only know the book by its skin color, and sadly not the context of its character. One morning Mr. Sam is away. Instead, a Stranger is there in his place. He offers Rainbow the opportunity to read the book with the black cover. Being afraid, she refuses. The next day she returns, and the Stranger offers the chance again. She says yes.

By the end of the first episode, Rainbow, caught with a rainbow of books surrounding her, realizes she is in trouble. Unfortunately, she is holding the book with the Black Cover. There is no Stranger, only a mortified Mr. Sam. Her adventures begin as she sets on through the village, planting flowers, singing, and learning. She discovers fantastic magic within the souls of the earth. The Color Books Bookstore holds tremendous and ancient mysteries. For Rainbow, she has read the word of God. It is now planted in her soul, for Rainbow has met a man like no other; Rainbow met the Stranger.

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