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Story:   Anthony W. Johnson
Writer / Director Anthony W Johnson

Executive Producers:  Franco Sama, Anthony W. Johnson, and Stanley Grabowski

Director of Photography:  Brendan Galvin (Plane, Immortals, Westworld, Solace)

Music Supervisor:  Budd Carr (The Score, Natural Born Killers)
Casting Director:  Gary Zuckerbrod (Pulp Fiction)

Music  Producers:  Alex Elena,
Production Companies:  Samaco Films, LLC,  Ballet Magique® Productions, LLC

Genre:  Elevated  Supernatural Fantasy


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Alexis Colette is a thought-provoking, beautiful, passionate, and immersive film. The mind, soul, and body are torn apart through tragedy, trapping us in the "In Between," whereby the ghost of the legendary Sidonie Colette helps Eric Sherelle face and ultimately overcome his greatest fears. This film takes place between the late 1920s through the early 1950s with the present. Beauty and intellect develop into manipulation, power grabs, and holds, riveted by contemporary presentations at the scholarly and cultured Eloise Home for the Insane and the wild, lurid, and diverse performances inside the reticent National "Burlesk" Theater. Insanity masquerades layers, whereby the characters drift back and forth between reality and fantasy. They then intertwine, creating a fusion unseen before, revealing and unveiling desirability, secreted thoughts, and an artist's horrors and pain.

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