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Wake Up! (See)

Wake Up! (See)


Verse 1

I can see the pain inside your soul. I can see the world has taken hold of a melody that can never be played in any key. I can see the tears before they fall.

I can see your fear as it crawls onto your back as you lose track., driving while being black.



Can you see the stars falling?  Can you see the stripes are bleeding?  Can you see the children laughing?  Can you see the boy is running home?


 A lullaby of sad goodbyes and strangers fighting

A butterfly full of flies in agony, writhing.



Wake Up! Wake Up!  

You Better Wake Up, Wake Up

Wake up! Wake up!

You Better Wake Up, Wake Up

Wake Up! Wake Up!  

Can you feel the hell that binds you?

Can you see the love around you?

Can you feel the light surrounding you?

A melody will set you free when you choose to see God!


2nd Verse (Beat pick up)

I can hear the words you cannot say. I can hear your heartbeat when you’re afraid.

Can we gauge, in this age, children in a cage?

I can hear the guilt from a shadow’s curse. I can feel death from beneath the earth.

Bureaucracy, hypocrisy, this cannot be democracy.


3rd Verse

We cannot stand idly by only to nullify, then turn around and justify the second amendment. Women’s right to choose repealed, open, carry, and conceal, guns are made to only kill, is this independence?


Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!  So, they can see God! I can see God.  I can see God. I can see God.


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